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Preparing your home to be photographed for a real estate listing

Staging a home, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional staging company (highly recommended), can increase the sales potential of the property. The home looks nicer, feels cleaner, and photographs much more professionally.

Unless a home is extremely immaculate and well-appointed, it's likely that a certain amount of home staging should be done before the home is photographed for a real estate listing. The arrangement of furniture, pictures, or knick-knacks may look good in day-to-day life, but often doesn't photograph well. Common problems are too many kitchen gadgets on the counters (blenders, toasters), and too many personal items in the bathrooms (used bath towels, toothpaste, shampoo). Most of these suggestions are probably obvious. But you would be surprised at how many of these things people overlook.

Remove unnecessary furniture

Perform Basic Cleaning

Create Consistency

De-Personalize the Interior

Minimize Decoration

Straighten Fabrics

Check Lighting

Get the outdoor area ready