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Frequently Asked Questions About real estate
and property photography in Seattle

Real estate photos are delivered within 24 hours (usually the next morning). Same day delivery may be possible with advance arrangement and for an additional fee.

The images are delivered via an online download link.

Yes, definitely. For homes with spectacular views, we will need to carefully choose the best time of day to photograph the home. If the view faces east, for instance, we would want to wait until afternoon, so the sun is not shining into the camera. See my Gallery page for examples of view home photos.

Unlike a lot of photographers, I specialize in architecture and real estate photography. While I dabble in portraiture and other types of work, photographing buildings is what I do full-time. You can find out more about me here.

I do use wide-angle lenses. However, it's not really possible to capture "all" of a room in a normal photo. Going too wide-angle creates a lot of distortion in an image and curves the walls and furniture. An example is when you see photos of a small bedroom that looks to be the size of a ballroom. Some people, however, prefer this type of photography regardless of the distortion. Please look at my portfolio to make sure that what I offer is what you need.

I suggest allowing at least 1 1/2 hours for the average size home. The time required is based on the size of the home, the amount of existing light, etc. Getting professional-quality real estate photos requires more than just running through and pushing the button on the camera (see Before/After for examples).

Once I know the size and scope of your home I can give you an estimate of the time required.

I do not offer home staging. If needed, however, I can put you in touch with a professional home stager. It's important that your home be as "photo ready" as possible when I arrive. While I may suggest moving an item - a chair, for instance - to create a better shot, I'm not able to help de-clutter and decorate a home after I have arrived for a scheduled shoot.

The home should be neat and clean. Extraneous items (pet food dishes, laundry, unnecessary clutter) should be removed to make the home look as inviting as possible.

Hiring a professional home stager can be very helpful. If that's not an option, do your best at making the house as "show room" like as possible. Perhaps set the dining room table and put flowers in a couple rooms (these can be moved around for various shots). See more details on the home staging page.

Occasionally it may be necessary to move furniture slightly to get the best angle, or to move something that may be distracting in the image.

It's best to remove anything you don't want in the image prior to my arrival. While it's technically possible to Photoshop almost anything in or out of an image, this can be much more complex and time consuming than many people think. Extreme Photoshop requests may incur additional fees. Minor adjustments, such as removing a spot on the carpet, are done at no charge.

My standard area is the greater Seattle metropolitan area, including Bellevue, Maple Valley, Bothell, Issaquah, Federal Way, and Sammamish. I've travelled as far south as Vancouver, WA, and as far north as Bellingham. Beyond the Seattle metropolitan area may be subject to additional fees based on distance, ferry, etc.

Check, cash, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject to a service charge.

Payment for real estate photos is requested on-site, at the time of service. Payment for established businesses, such as design-build firms or commercial photography projects, can be invoiced and paid within 14 days.

Contrary to what many believe, bright sunny days can be the worst for interior photography. The lighting tends to be harsh and contrasty.

The ideal weather for real estate interior photography is a day when it's lightly cloudy, when the sun is much more diffuse.

A popular trend with real estate and property photographers is toward HDR (high dynamic range) photos, where numerous exposures are combined together to create a final image. Taken to extremes - as is often the case - these photos are often eye-catching but also strangely surreal and cartoon-ish looking.

While I do use advanced photography blending methods, my goal is to provide photos of your home that look real and not overly processed like many HDR real estate photographs. For more detailed information about HDR, click this link: What is HDR?

Two sets of digital images will be provided to you; one MLS-ready, the other high-resolution for use with brochures, flyers, or other printed material.

Drone photography (unmanned aerial vehicle / UAV) is provided through Boothby Media. Please contact Ethan at Boothby Media directly.